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Greenlaw - An Ancient County Town

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Let us discover one of the most historic towns in the Scottish Borders. Greenlaw grew from early times and was certainly in place by the time the Roman centurions arrive in the early days of AD.

In later times Greenlaw became the County Town of Berwickshire but lost that great honour to Duns in the early 20th century.

Read of the lives times of the the people, the notables, the great houses and the churches.

Let us make this journey through time, together.

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Jedburgh - A Border Jewel

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Just released. Join me on my look round Jedburgh and the surrounding villages. Learn of their beginnings, the constant warfare, the Borders Reivers and attacks from the south. Visit Jed Abbey, Mary, Queen of Scots House and the Castle Jail

Follow the story from the beginning, in deep pre history to the present day. How did the town survive amidst constant English bombardment? The great Royal Burgh did survive thanks to the grit of the people and thrives to the present day, why not join me, and have a look.

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A Divine Heritage --- PUBLISHED, August, 2014

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Discover the abbeys and churches in the Scottish Borders. Learning of the people with affiliation to the ecclesiastical buildings and surrounding towns and villages during medieval times, of the men who walked the countryside and were sanctified in death. Men like Cuthbert, Aiden, Boisil, Llolan and Kentigern. Read of the horrific attacks from south of the border when abbeys, priories and churches were continually being brutalised and of the local people's resolve to rebuild. Published August, 2014-price includes p&p



Duns - Burgh on the Merse

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 History of Duns from the beginning to the  present  day.  Learn of of constant attacks and  the town folks' reaction, how they  rebuilt their town in to the lovely  place it is today. Learn too of the  churches, great houses and  notable people.

 We also visit the villages of   the Merse and of the Lammermuir Hills.

So long involved in the cross border disputes, it is a miracle Duns and all the surrounding have survived, giving us the opportunity to see the progess and admire the beauty all around.

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Let us Follow the Clyde

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Join me on my trip      from the source to the     estuary of the great river visiting every town and village on the way. Read of the great men, the churches, industry as we go. From the orchard lands to the steel and coal industry to the greatest ship building industry in the world. Let us all follw the great river together.

Published in 2014

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Let us Discover Fife's Forth Coast

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We follow the coastline from the west of Culross all the way to Crail visiting all the towns and villages on the way. The varied coastline plays host to soem of the most wonderful fishing villages in Scotland dotted, where possible, along such a varied coastline, from gold sandy beaches to cliffs and rocky crags. The towns are not left out and visit is well worthwhile when you consider the most interesting history. Let us not daly here too much lnger, time now to discover  one of the mos beautiful sections of Scotland's coastline.

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